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Open Source

  • automate-aws-access-removal

    Immediately block users from your AWS organization when they're disabled or removed in Identity Center.

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  • terraform-provider-node-lambda-packager

    Bundles your Lambda code and zips it up ready to feed into aws_lambda_function.

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  • safer-scp-rollouts

    Automating safer Service Control Policy (SCP) rollouts with CloudTrail data.

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  • live-debugging-event-bridge

    Accompanies a blog post on fun ways to demo or live troubleshoot Event Bridge Event Bus events.

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  • break-glass-access

    Temporary elevated access in AWS.

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  • lambda-at-edge-basic-auth

    An example of using Lambda@Edge to authenticate requests to CloudFront.

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  • docs-auth-lambda

    Secure a private static site with GSuite and Lambda@Edge.

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  • lsd-members

    The Leeds University Skydivers membership management system.

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