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  • Guerrilla upgrades for OpenNebula 5.10 to 5.12

    I’ve used the OpenNebula project for several years to run virtual machines to experiment with different Linux distros and software. Unfortunately, they made the decision to continue releasing the main...

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  • My preferences for TypeScript projects

    I have a number of preferences for TypeScript (TS) projects, built up from seeing the language adopted by teams and drawing comparisons with other ecosystems and strongly typed programing languages....

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  • Analytics for CloudFront distributions

    It’s nice to be able to analyse the traffic that your CloudFront distribution is receiving, for example if it powers a static website (like this blog). The built-in metrics aren’t...

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  • Building an automatic backup verification pipeline: Elasticsearch edition

    If you don’t restore and verify your backups, you don’t know that they’ll actually work when the time comes. Doing this manually is time consuming, easily forgotten and a great...

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Open Source

  • lambda-at-edge-basic-auth

    An example of using Lambda@Edge to authenticate requests to CloudFront.

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  • docs-auth-lambda

    Secure a private static site with GSuite and Lambda@Edge.

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  • lsd-members

    The Leeds University Skydivers membership management system.

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  • ros-tls

    A simple script to acquire TLS certificates for RouterOS devices using the Let’s Encrypt.

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