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  • Right-sizing Lambda functions that process files

    You’ve probably seen an architecture that looks like this: How much memory should we allocate to the Lambda function processing files? One approach is to take some sample data and...

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  • Enforcing AWS tags the right way - without Tag Policies

    Tags are essential in AWS. They let us allocate costs to different teams, projects, services or business areas, and can be critical in operational response. Tags get us from a...

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  • Shift security left with AWS Config

    No-one likes a telling off from the security team, and we can’t rely on good will and experience to keep our infrastructure secure: we have to make comprehensive guardrails. One...

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  • Terraform vs. CDK

    At the time of writing, there are at least five mature options for deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to AWS. After working professionally with CDK for around nine months, I’m...

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Open Source

  • lambda-at-edge-basic-auth

    An example of using Lambda@Edge to authenticate requests to CloudFront.

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  • docs-auth-lambda

    Secure a private static site with GSuite and Lambda@Edge.

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  • lsd-members

    The Leeds University Skydivers membership management system.

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  • ros-tls

    A simple script to acquire TLS certificates for RouterOS devices using the Let’s Encrypt.

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